In a 15-month prospective study...

LUMASON® ultrasound enhancing agent was administered 2,137 times with no reports of back pain.1*

In pivotal trials…
Most adverse reactions were mild to moderate in intensity and resolved spontaneously.2



Reports of Back Pain

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* Based on a single-center study of adult patients (age >18 years) receiving a UEA (LUMASON®, Optison®, or Definity®) were prospectively evaluated for clinically significant adverse events defined as either anaphylactoid reactions (rash, flank pain, dyspnea, and wheeze) or true anaphylaxis. Study objectives included the following: determining the major adverse reactions experienced by patients receiving UEA in a clinical setting, assessing whether microbubbles are safe for use in patients with intra-cardiac shunts, and assessing whether the types of adverse reactions differ significantly among the three FDA-approved UEAs.

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